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TMHL03/Mechanics of Light Structures, 6 ECTS credits/Hållfasthetslära; Lätta konstruktioner/

For: I Ii M MI Y


Detailed information for ht2 2017
Course Information
Laboratory work - Circular plates
Examples to Solve
Solutions to the examples
Solutions to the Contact Mechanics examples
Short summary of formulas
Lecture notes - In-plane loaded Plates in Cartesian coordinates
Lecture notes - In-plane loaded Plates in Polar coordinates
Lecture notes - Bending of Plates in Cartesian coordinates
Lecture notes - Bending of Plates in Polar coordinates
Lecture notes - Plates under combined lateral and in-plane loads
Lecture notes - Shells of revolution
Lecture notes - Membrane and bending stresses in axi-symmetrically load thin cylindrical shells
Lecture notes - Contact mechanics
Assignment 1 - An in-plane loaded plate in Cartesian coordinates
Assignment 2 - An in-plane loaded plate in Polar coordinatess
Assignment 3 - A rectangular plate
Numerical Assignment Values Generator
Participant list
Previous Exams
The TRINITAS Project

Multi-variable calculus, basic Solid Mechanics including multi-axial stress states

Further studies:
TMHL61 Damage Mechanics and Life Analysis, TMHL41 Continuum Mechanics, TMHL62 The Finite Element Method- advanced course, TMHL55 Mechanics of Materials, TMHL16 Project course in Solid Mechanics/Engineering Materials, TMMI42/37 The Finite Element Method- FEM, TMMI09 Mechanical vibrations and fatigue

The course is to give the student a basic knowledge of the relations needed in order to analyze thin walled structures (plates and shells) with respect to stresses and deformations, and the ability to independently apply this knowledge to concrete problems. At the end of the course, the student shall be able to

  • give an account of basic aspects of classical plate and shell theory
  • solve problems regarding the stress- and deformation states in loaded thin-walled structures
  • identify unrealistic results
The course is also a preparation for further studies in Solid Mechanics.

Lectures, teaching classes, laboratory work

Course contents
Basic relations of Solid Mechanics, classical theory for in plane loaded plates including the Airy stress function, the Kirchhoff plate theory with applications to strip plates, symmetrically loaded circular plates and simply supported rectangular plates, buckling analysis of simply supported rectangular plates, membrane theory for shells of revolution, bending theory for symmetrically loaded cylindrical shells with applications to tanks and pressure vessels.

Course literature

  • Ugural A.C., Stresses in plates and shells, McGraw-Hill
  • Sundström B. (red), Handbok och formelsamling i Hållfasthetslära, Institutionen för Hållfasthetslära, KTH
  • material handed out

Written exam
Laboratory work

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